“Extremely high-quality plastic components”

“Structura is our partner for manufacturing plastic components for the Wattsun. Wattsun is a smart battery system whose capacity can be adjusted, simply by stacking. The modules are portable, making them easy to use in off-grid locations. The product must be waterproof, hence the consistent quality of the plastic is extremely important. Throughout the development process, Structura has provided expert advice on matters such as the selection of materials. They also gave us feedback during the design phase of the matrix. The excellent collaboration has enabled us to produce extremely high-quality plastic components.”

Koen Olieslagers, founder of Wattsun portable power supplies

“Quality and expertise”

“Structura has worked with us in the development and manufacture of the ‘Rib’, a component in the Solarus solar collector. Solarus is a spin-off of the Swedish power company Vattenfall which has been located in the Dutch city of Venlo since 2015 and is in Dutch ownership. The company produces and is developing the PowerCollector, a C-PVT collector that provides heat and electricity, particularly in hot countries such as India and South Africa. During development, our R&D and design collaborated closely with Structura. They helped contribute to the product and the tooling, advising on our options for materials and technologies. Solarus is very satisfied with this collaboration and the flexible attitude required for the process of moving from a start-up to full production. We see Structura as a good partner and expect this to become a long-term collaboration.”

Robert Hermkens, manager of Manufacturing and Production, Solarus

“The products have met our expectations”

“Structura has for many years been our supplier of thermoplastic foam injection moulded components for our pneumatic post delivery system stations. These are various plates that are used in the stations, demanding a high degree of dimensional accuracy and a smooth surface. Structura’s role in our development process was to provide advice about thickness, type and material composition. The products meet our expectations well and are delivered on time.” 

Peter Hermans, owner of GDK Plastics B.V.

“Structura is a perfect fit for us”

“Structura has been supplying various plastic components to Malvern Panalytical for several years now. These are delivered ready for fitting, as a set. They also take care of the spraying, done by an external firm. Recent new projects have demonstrated that Structura is a no-nonsense business that can deliver on the customer’s expectations. Clear communication and discussing the specifications in advance are combined with visits to the company. That ensures that everything is clear. They support the entire process, from idea to final product. Along with their size, this makes Structura a business that is a perfect fit for us as a supplier of thermoplastic foam injection moulded components.

Frank Laurenssen, Lead Buyer Mechanics, Malvern Panalytical B.V.

“Together we found the best technical solution”

“Fancom is global leader in developing automation systems for pig farming. Our smart climate, feed and biometric systems, sensors and computers help improve both operating profits and the living conditions of the animals. Structura has been our supplier of the edgings for our fans since time immemorial. To highlight the Fancom brand more clearly, we have decided to introduce a single colour scheme to increase brand awareness. All our edges have been changed from grey to black. We brought in Structura to work out a clean colour scheme of even-toned black edges that contrast well with the green fan blades and grey motors. Achieving an even tone of black using colouring substances turned out to be difficult, but Structura managed to find a good solution.”

Johan Rooijakkers, Purchase Department, Fancom B.V.

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