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Focus on automation

Our entire range of machines at Structura is specialised for thermoplastic foam injection moulding. Robot production lines ensure efficient production with a constant quality. We have automation in our DNA. However, particularly for small series (250 - 1,000), there is always room for traditional craftsmanship. A 3D robot provides the finishing touch: coating in one or more layers.


Sustainable in thought and deed

At Structura we believe in the power of sustainability. Our products are therefore durable and we make our processes as green as possible. We produce much of our energy with our own solar panels and make use of heat exchangers and free cooling units. Our machines are as energy efficient as possible and we recycle in-house. This allows customers the option of using post-consumer materials as a raw material. In other words, reusing waste plastic.


Structura’s range of machines

2 x Haitian Jupiter 6500

  • 6500 kN
  • 3456 gr.


1 x Siemag Structomat

  • 1100 kN
  • 3500 gr.


 1 x Haitian 6500

  • 6500 kN
  • 5500 gr.


1 x Haitian HTX 780

  • 7800 kN
  • 4976 gr. 


1 x Haitian MA 380

  • 3800 kN.
  • 2354 gr


3 x Sepro unloading robot S5.35

6 x Maguire 140R blender

Volumetric mixers with 4 dosing feeds

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